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Planning A Grand Weekend At The Races? Here’s What You Need To Remember

When the weather is horrible and the days are short, the splendour of the races can seem like a very long way away. But 2023 is just around the corner and with it the start of the next season of horse races. The likes of Aintree, Ascot, Cheltenham and Chester will be back with a vengeance come springtime, and a lot of people out there are already starting to plan their grand day out at the races. And for some of us, it is the kind of experience that we want to enjoy with a long weekend away.

If you have never been to the races before, you are no doubt going to be tremendously excited about what’s in store, but you may be a little anxious about what you need to know beyond enjoying the race and (hopefully) the sunshine. A day at the races can get pretty hectic once the clock starts ticking down, so here are a few pointers and things that you need to remember.

Plan Your Route There

Whichever racing track you are going to, it is always a good idea to make sure that you know your route ahead of time. You should factor in the fact that if you are attending one of the bigger racing events, you are going to be dealing with an awful lot of traffic close to the event and that parking spaces are going to be at a premium. If you want to ensure that you have as little to worry about on the day as possible and as much time to soak up the atmosphere as you want, then you should map out your way there in plenty of time.

Get Your Accommodation Booked Now

You are not going to be the only ones who are planning to make a weekend of a day at the races. If you want to make sure that you stay in the hotel that you want, instead of settling for somewhere less than ideal on the other side of town, then it is a good idea to get that accommodation booked nice and early. If you are looking for a way to save a bit of extra cash, why not think about renting a short-stay room or property instead? It is worth noting that some hotels may have higher rates around days when they know that there will be a lot of demand for a special event such as a horse race.

Don’t Forget Ways To Keep You Entertained During Downtime

Every trip has some hours when all you want to do is just switch off and unwind, especially if you have been out somewhere hectic. It’s also true that you may find that there are stretches of your journey when you are in need of a way to kill some time, especially if you are taking public transport. With that in mind, do not forget to pack those essentials which will help you relax and to stay calm. It is a great idea to take some noise-cancelling headphones, and why not take a tablet with you so you can catch up on a couple of episodes of your favourite show? If you want to play a few games of virtual slots or other games, visit OnlineCasinos to find the best rated options. Finally, don’t forget your chargers as the last thing you want is to be running out of charge while you are trying to chill out!

Check Public Transport Delays

If you are not driving to your race day, then it is going to be very important that you keep an eye on any public transport disruption that could be headed your way. There have been so many train strikes in the UK over the last several months, and it does not look like things are going to be resolved any time soon. You also need to remember that train strikes have a knock-on effect both on lines that may not be striking and on other forms of public transport. There may not always be a lot of warning about rescheduling, so it is worth keeping a close eye on this.

Use The Racetrack Website

As obvious as this may sound, one of the best resources at your disposal is going to be the official website of the racetrack. Any site worth its salt will have plenty of instructions about where you need to go on the day, where you can collect or present your tickets, and where you are going to be able to find the facilities that you need. Look for an FAQ, and never be afraid to reach out and contact one of the people working there. If the site is not that helpful, there are plenty of racing forums out there where you can post asking for advice. You may be surprised by how helpful, and engaged fans are when it comes to pointing newcomers in the right direction!

Plan Your Wardrobe Carefully

We all know that one of the biggest parts of going to a race day is dressing up in something special. You may already have your outfit picked out, but there are a couple of notes that you should remember. The first is to remember to take an extra layer with you. Even if you want to look amazing for your photos, you need to consider that you may be sitting outside for some length of time and that the weather may not be as warm as you hoped it would be, particularly if you are going to one of the early spring events. The second is that you do need to have some kind of waterproof with you. The United Kingdom is famous for its torrential downpours, and the weather experts are predicting that extreme weather events are going to become more frequent. If you don’t want to get absolutely soaked to the bone, it is worth taking at least one waterproof layer and an umbrella with you.